Tuesday, 12 May 2015

GRWM - Casual Sunday *DEBUT*

Hi Everyone!

OK!!! after few hrs of editing with the lack of knowledge of inserting music. LOL! I present you

My VERY VERY VERY first Youtube Video.

OMGOMGOMG!!! I’m sooo nervous and excited at the same time.
Ok la actually i’m really scared no one likes it. or maybe even make fun of it. I didn’t wanna let xm see this at first, cos i thought it’s really quite lame la. LOL! but then again. he’s one of the closest liao. If i don’t let him see it first really quite fail. LOL!

Now that he say’s it’s ok. he didn’t say it’s ok la. But i just assume it’s ok. LOL! i gain more confidence to not private it. LOL!
After like contemplating for like what. how many years liao. I finally have a video of my own!!!!! LOL!
Actually, I kinda understand why people make videos now. LOL!. I never understood why people will say it’s a habit. But when you really start making it. It’s really just for enjoyment. LOL! I didn’t have any stress or what. the stress is when i had to publish it. LOL! Well at least for me. LOL!

Alright. enough of rambling. Need to go to bed soon!!!!
IMG 4549

This one is better than the one i intended. lets see if you manage to spot what i meant. HAHAHAHAHAHA
artsy stairs with my not so artsy face. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Thanks for reading! hope you enjoy the video!!

xx, Meiyi

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