Monday, 22 June 2015

Not the Best, but still the Best

IMG 4637

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Not the best and most luxurious birthday anyone expects. not even looking my best. Look at those tired eyes. Underdressed clothes. And that not even made hair. 
But I was able to spend it with people i care about & matters to me. This is all i can ask for on that day.
Things didn’t went well before it. everyone had things they had to commit to, but decided to push them away just to spend this day with me. make it the best. Even if they had to receive negativity for people around them they’re also willing to.
But at the end of it, instead of make that day all about me, i decided to do what is right instead, and only use what i have left to have a simple celebration. thus that “i can’t be bothered to dress up and do anything “ look. LOL!
Other than people around me being good, i’m thankful for these 2 pups. thank you for being healthy and happy throughout this half a year. things haven’t been going well for 2 of you, but it’ll get better!! stay healthy my pups stay healthy!!
#yesmydogsdon’thavenicefurnow #butit'llgetbetter
the entire day was filled with gratitude. am thankful that i get to spend time with loved ones. thankful that everyone is happy.
A different birthday, but it’s all i wanted.
xx, meiyi

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