Wednesday, 20 January 2016

GRWM : BFF Wedding!

Hi Everyone!!

Welcome back! it’s been awhile since I actually sat down and typed something.
about a month ago in December, My BESTEST friend finally tied a knot! So happy for her! there were soo many hiccups as to where to hold the wedding and how her wedding is going to be held. initially was suppose to be december, then it became march, then june, then march again, then june again, and at last they decided at the very last few months to hold 2 weddings! one traditional and one solemnisation! so the one that we went is for the solemnisation her theme was suppose to be beach theme, but as it gets nearer to the wedding, she told me to match something orange. LOL i got 3 dresses, not knowing which to wear, and also.. it was on offer, but she choose the orange one to match her theme. So yea. i wore that in the end.Initially i wanted to vlog the entire day but i’m not sure if she wants me to post it online or not. so to be safe, i didn’t. Instead, I film myself getting ready.
To be real honest, when i was filming this, the only thought that I had going through my mind was this idea is so lame. Why will I even feel like it’s sometimes special to document. But as I was looking back and editing the video, i noticed myself smiling nonstop. What’s flowing through the mind isn’t the makeup that I did. It was the entire night of witnessing one of the most important people in my lives moving on to the next chapter of her life. It was indeed a real precious moment.

IMG 5982

IMG 5992

IMG 6002

If you’re interested to watch me get ready, here’s a video!

thanks for reading!!
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