Thursday, 14 January 2016

XMY Diary : A Random Note

It's been awhile since I posted a post or even a video. But do stay in tune! I'm still trying to sort out pictures and footage on our Hong Kong Trip.
Few Moments ago, xm was asking me about my lunch. Recently I have no appetite for meals and couldn't finish the portion I use to be able to. So I was saying same for today, around 1/3 of the food was left over.
Tonight we're meeting for dinner and I was telling him I worry I won't be able to eat much. Maybe manage just a little more than a slice of pizza. Him being him told me," you'll have 2 slices of pizza(which I usually easily devour 4-5slices) and I'll give you my crusts". Doesn't sound like much to others, but it warms me at this very moment.
The reason for my love for pizza is for the stuff crust. For those who don't know, stuff crust is the pizza's crust wrapped with cheese. That's my favourite part of the entire pizza.
Knowing my poor appetite recently, yet not wanting me to miss out on my favourite treat, he suggested it.
What more can I ask for. (:

IMG 6080

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