Thursday, 13 December 2012


Hi Everyone!~

I was randomly reading blogs yesterday and came across Peishi's blog and saw a post " My life isn't as good as you think".

Peishi is pretty popular in the Singapore Blog sphere, just that I am more interested in beauty posts, I don't go to her blog that often.

Anyway, that post is writing about how she's being bullied by her classmate when she is in Secondary School

Usually when I read this kind of post, I will feel that the person writing it is trying to gain some sympathy or attention. I don't know why, after reading her post, I felt very sad for her but at the same time feel that she is very strong.

I was pretty fortunate that I haven't experienced any bullying in school nor on the internet. Internet maybe it's because I'm not too expose yet.

When I was in school, all I experience was people, mainly girls, talking behind my back and all that. No one really confronted me or anything, I'm guessing it might be because I have a fierce looking face(?).

I'm never one of those popular people in school, given my character, I actually find myself pretty anti-social, the term that people used then, when I'm in school.

Back to the point,

I've never been bullied like she had, so I can't really understand or feel how's she's feeling.

Before I read the post, I thought I wouldn't have any thoughts or sentiments at all, let alone any feelings.

But after reading the post, I don't know where that feeling came from, I felt that I can feel her. You know those kind of feeling where you feel you were ever in her shoes and felt very sad for her.

I started thinking what I would do if I experienced the same thing when I was her age. To be honest, I don't think I can handle half as well as she did.

I don't think I would have the courage to go to school everyday and just go home and cry.
I think I wouldn't be here today.

So I really admire her. She managed to get through the 3years of bullying.

Part of me felt very glad that I read that post.
I'm very afraid to expose myself on the internet because I have been seeing so much cyber bullying and I don't think I can handle it.

But after reading her post, I felt my fear is nothing compared to what she has experienced. It kind of make me feel less concern about what people is thinking about me. Not online for now, but in real life.

THANKYOU PEISHI for writing that post.

*although I'm very sure she will never see this.

Alright.. This is getting awkward.. I don't really know how I should end this post...

Let's just pretend I did a very nice conclusion and ended this post.LOL!~

Ohh.. this post is so meaningless...

Thanks for reading!~

xx, meiyi

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