Sunday, 30 December 2012

Watsons Haul

Hi Everyone!~

Watsons had their member sales last Thusday again! The day was made better when I didn’t have afternoon lesson!~ Being really in a chirpy mood, I thought I shall reward myself a little, although I was trying to not splurge on makeup / beauty stuff this month…

I was contemplating if I should do a December haul or a Watsons haul since I didn’t really get too many things this month… So I thought a Watsons haul would be more appropriate.(:
PS. For those who don’t live in Singapore or anywhere that has Watsons, Watsons is somewhat a Drugstore

So let’s get started!(:




Vichy Purifying Pore-Tightening Lotion

This is a toner. I didn’t get this for myself. It’s actually for my sister who has problems with large pores.

She saw many great reviews on this toner and really wanted to try it out.

Now that she’s paying much more attention on her skin, I’m thinking maybe I can get her to try things out with me and review it here.(:
I thought it may be useful for people who have oily skin and are dealing with problems my sister face(:


I got this Rimmel Gift set at SGD$9.90

It’s a steal!~ I sort of calculate the prices in my mind, it would be more than SGD$100 to get all these stuff individually!~ So I got it, although I couldn’t choose what’s in it.

Part of me really want to try Rimmel’s products. But I don’t really know where to start and what to get. Singapore don’t really have a wide range of Rimmel products, so when I looked online, my choices are widen and my dilemma too. LOL!~


Here are the products in the gift set!~


Maybelline Colour Tattoo

This is finally here in Singapore!~ I have been dying to get my hands on one of these. I did want to get some online, but I procrastinated for a while.

I believe it’s out only last week, because I didn’t see any the week before. The first time I saw them last week, some stores didn’t have stocks yet, only the testers.

I was totally sold when I swatched them on the back of my hand.

Because there wasn't many colours to choose from, I got the “Bad to the Bronze” to try out before getting more online.

I haven’t started using this yet but I see myself really loving it!~


Maybelline Falsies Mascara Waterproof ( Limited Edition)

I’m almost done with my mascara so I thought since they had 25% off Maybelline mascara, I would get a backup before I run out of mine.

I picked out the regular one, but the sales lady there told me to get the limited edition on instead because it’s on 30% off and they’re the exact same product.LOL!~


Other than the colour of the font and the black rim, everything thing else is the same from the front.


And there’s this everlasting logo at the back.

I don’t know why I’m showing all these. I just thought it was interesting!~ LOL~


Kiss Me Heroine Make Eyelash Serum


Although I don’t really have short and sparse eyelashes, but I really want my eyelashes to be long and thicker. I mean… who don’t want lashes like the one on their packaging??!! HAHAHA!~ Yeah I was sold by the photo and got it!~ Shall do a review on this(:


Lucido-L Hair Treatment Water

I’m starting to really like Lucido-L products. Had really good experience with the products that I own so I thought of trying their hair care product too~ Hope this product won’t disappoint me!!(:


That’s all from the Wastons Sales!~ I didn’t get much, but I thought it’s quite a lot for someone who is saving money-.-


Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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