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November 2012 Favourites!!~

Hi Everyone!~

When I watch monthly favourites videos, I thought to myself.. Hmmm..it seems really easy to have a new favourite every month… Then I decided to try it myself…

But it doesn’t seem like I have many favourites. LOL!~ It’s either.. I didn’t try as many products as the others on YouTube does.. Or it’s my luck with liking new products…HAHAHA!!~

Now I know why bubzbeauty don’t do monthly favourites every month… It’s SO TOUGH to have new favourites every month!!~ especially when I’m aiming to finish up some products before trying out new ones..HAHAHA!~

I have a few products I have been loving in November.. So I thought “ Hey! I can do a monthly favourite!!~”

YEAPYEAP!~ Let’s get started!!~


Etude House Lovely Cookie Blusher.

Sometime ago, I wrote a post on this blush, Click Here if you missed it.
Although I mentioned that the application of the blush takes a little more time in the morning, I like that it gives me that healthy glow. Sometimes people won’t even notice that it’s a blush. They will just thing that it’s the flush from my cheeks.

I have very pale looking skin, so with a little flush like this, my appearance becomes more awake and healthy!!~

Because the pigmentation of this blush is not as good as some other blushes I own… The chances of over applying is very low!!~ Plus side for tired mornings where everything don’t seem to go right!!~HAHAHA!!~


For those who are wondering, this is in the shade Grapefruit Jelly


Covergirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara.

I have this in my collection for quite some time now. Recently, I am trying to finish up some products in my collection so I can make some room for new products.

This mascara is like a rediscovery!!~

I know why I’ve stop using this, the scent. I still don’t like the scent of it. But the results it gives is amazing!!~~
That’s why people on YouTube have been raving about Covergirl’s Mascara.

This mascara not only gives my lashes volume and length, it also opens up your eyes and make them seem wider!~ That’s definitely a plus for all girls who yearn for bigger looking eyes!~

Not only that, It is very waterproof and it doesn’t smudge the entire day!~ Of course with that comes the consequence of removing it!~ But with a good makeup remover, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!

I’m just a little turn off by the scent~ Other than that, I LOVE this product!!~


It comes in a fat chubby rubber wand. Not something I would fancy.. But as long as it does what it’s suppose to do, I’m fine with it!!~ LOL!~

PS. We don’t have Covergirl here in Singapore. I actually bought this online and I can’t really remember where.. Soo… Sorry for not being able to help with it!):


Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream (Bright Fit)

Some time back, I had a little BB cream craze and purchased some BB creams, Click Here if you missed it.

I started trying this out first because it’s something that I’m most curious about. The rest are like favourites of many so I know they won’t disappoint me~

I didn’t like this BB cream at the start because it made my T-zone more oily.

I guess I used it wrongly. After using it a few more times and blended it better… I’m totally in love with it.

It covers up my redness and some minor scarring I had on my face and gave me a flawless complexion!!~

Not only that, because it’s the “Bright Fit” version, it’s not matte on my skin, My skin looks hydrated, when it isn’t really that hydrate!!!~

I will write a detailed post on this soon. As soon as it stops raining and give me some time (& light) to get some nice pictures!!~


And the last product…

Baby Wipes from Tollyjoy

Tollyjoy is a brand that sells baby products. I was watching Sunny, aka Sunnydahye on YouTube, showing how she removed her makeup. In it she featured baby wipes and mentioned that it makes her skin softer after using baby wipes… Or somewhere along that line.

So I thought I would try it too. Not to remove my makeup but to refresh my skin throughout the entire day.

I saw the contents of the wipes. It has aloe vera and it is moisturizing to the skin. So I thought hey!!~ this is a good deal!!~

I was initially planning to go for the Johnson and Johnson one. But the Tollyjoy’s packaging and contents seems more appealing so I just got this!~

I use these wipes after I remove my makeup.. Ohh.. It really left my skin smooth and soft!!~ It also removes all the leftover makeup that my makeup remover didn’t manage to remove!!~ Love it!!~

I didn’t only use this on my face. I thought since it can remove my makeup and its meant for babies to use. I tried using it on my keyboard.

My keyboard is so dirty! I tried many methods, but it doesn’t seem to clean it well. I usually have to combine a few methods together to get it clean!LOL!~

PS. It is very very dirty. I’m not exaggerating.

The baby wipe does it so well. I hardly need to apply much strength while wiping and it’s so clean! I’m not exaggerating, but it looks as clean as when I just got it.

So if you need to clean your keyboard and is very lazy. Somehow the dirt just doesn’t seem to get away after using a damp cloth, try using baby wipes!~ They’re the best!!


That’s all for my November Favourites!

I don’t have many products to feature, hope you won’t mind!

Share your November Favourites, or just favourites too!!~

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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