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Keep Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated!

Hi Everyone,

Few days back, my friend and I were talking about how to keep skin hydrated.

She mentioned, sometimes no matter what kind of creams and lotions she used, her skin feels very dehydrated. I do sometimes feel this way too. So being really random, we started searching online and found some interesting tips.

I thought I should do a post on it. Maybe next time, when I keep asking myself, why is my skin so dehydrated, I can check back and see if I missed.(:

This is not own by me or made up by me, I found this from some website.
And this post is going to be very wordy!~

Tips On Keeping Your Skin Healthy and Hydrated.

1) Don't over dry your skin.

Everyone has different skin types; Dry, Sensitive, Normal, Combination and Oily, and the number of times we cleanse a day and what cleansers we should use is different.
Over-cleansing can strip your skin's natural oils and throw off it's natural balance of moisture. 

I had the misconception that when I have breakouts, I felt that when I have pimples on my skin, it means it is dirty and I have to cleanse it more often. As a result, my skin became so dry it started cracking/tearing.

I can't remember where I read from, it mentioned that a person should cleanse their face more than 2/3 times. And for people with dry skin, it's better to cleanse once a day(if I didn't remember it wrongly).

Also, instead of using a harsh cleanser, try out some natural based/gentle cleansers. They are not as harsh on your skin, it removes all the dirt build up throughout the day but not stripping all the natural oil on your face, leaving it tight, dry and flaky.

2) Moisture all over.

Moisturizing don't only applies for your face, but also your body.
When our skin gets dry, it cracks and peels and becomes more prone to damage from free radicals. Which is one of the 3 main cause of aging. 

When your skin, be it on your face or body, is dry, it means that it is dehydrated and needs moisture. Do you know that other than your face, your neck and hands can say alot about your age.

There's this once, just once, I was on the bus, on my way home, I heard someone giving off a random remark to a friend about a stranger sitting around them. They said " look at her hands and legs, it's so dry and wrinkle-y, Is she ok?"

I don't know if it made any sense to any of  you. When I heard this, I realized, keeping your body hydrated is not all about keeping your face moisturized, but your entire body.
Which leads to the next point..

3) Drink enough water.

This is what our parents tell us since young. We have to drink lots of water to prevent from being sick.
we want our skin to be moisturize, so we use so many different kinds of products just to achieve that. But many times, we forget that the cheapest and easiest way to keep our skin healthy and hydrated is to drink enough water, 7-8 cups a day.We need to have water in our body in order to nourish your skin's needs. Drinking enough water ensures all our body organs have the moisture they need to operate properly. And needless to say, keep you healthy.

4) Exfoliate, But not too much

It is necessary to exfoliate your skin regular, once a week. This is to remove all dead skin cells on our face and body in order for the moisturizing cream and lotion to do it's job.

If you don't exfoliate, it is like a layer of , let's just say, plastic, the cream and lotion your applied will not penetrate into your skin and it will not be moisturized no matter how much your apply.

However, you don't want to over exfoliate, try exfoliating maybe once a week only. Over exfoliating will lead to over drying your skin. Which is what we discussed at the start.

5) Get your Vitamin C

We all know, Vitamin C is good for our body and the best food that contains Vitamin C is orange. Eating 1 orange every day is fine, it is good for our body.

But what I mean is to maybe choose a skincare product that contains Vitamin C.
Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant that protects your skin from harmful environmental factors. It also encourages collagen production.

With enough collagen, your skin will stay plump and pleasant. It will lock in it's own moisture giving you a fresh and healthy look.

6) Kicking Habits

Some of us may have some habits that are hurting and dehydrating our skin but we don't know.

Some examples are Smoking, Drinking alcohol excessively, indulging in too much caffeine.

This are some examples that will suck out all the moisture in our skin. Over time, you will your skin starting to wrinkle and sag.

I'm not saying I'm against all these, but it is a fact that it is not good for our body, let alone skin.
If we can, we should cut them out, if not minimize these habits, for the sake of our body and skin.

7) Eat well

Just like point 3, Our parents also tell us that. And it is something we also neglect over time.

A balance and healthy diet is what keeps our skin & body healthy.
When our body receives the vitamin and nutrients they need to function, our skin will show the effects.

Many of us are scared of growing fat, but nourishing our body with enough natural fatty acid to help skin stay  hydrated and elastic.

8) Limit Exposure

Exposing your skin to harmful environmental factors can improve its health and keep it hydrated. But we don't want to over expose.

Under extreme sunlight, intense heat or even bitter cold can reduce our skin's moisture level.

We should protect our skin from these elements accordingly and we won't risk losing our skin's hydrators to the environment.

Like in Singapore, we only have 1 season, which is summer, so it is really important to keep our skin protected by wearing sunscreen and sunblock. Not only will it keep our skin hydrated and protect again sun damage. It will also reduce the risk of having skin cancer from all the UV rays from the sun.

All these information that I've shared in this post can be easily found online and from books.
I thought it is something worth to take note of therefore the post.

So hope you enjoy reading!(:


Thanks for reading!!(:

xx, meiyi

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