Saturday, 3 November 2012

What bags? Backpack!

Hi Everyone,

After mentioning so many times, you probably would have knew that my school have started.

I've using the bag that my mum bought me from her trip, it's works fine and all, but I feel like carrying a backpack to school so I wouldn't feel that it too heavy since the burden is shared on both sides of the shoulder.

I don't really follow trends, I usually just wear whatever I feel it looks nice, even if it's "last season" or "outdated".

So I don't know what are the trends for bags recently..

I went online and looks around for a nice cheap bag to carry to school and came across some pretty cute designs.

Don't they just look so cute!!~~ I really want to own them!~ But I don't think I'll dare to carry them out!~

Why don't they have this when I was still in Secondary School!~ It'll be alright if I carry them out!~

Are polka dot bags still in trend now?? I think they look really cute!~ Makes out entire outfit so feminine and casual~ My style~~ HAHAHA!!~

Has anyone heard of Cemula?
I've only heard of this brand when FT Island started endorsing their product.
I really love the designs of their bags. Especially those that suits guys. But I know I'll definitely not make good use if I get one of them.

I read some reviews online about their bags, apparently their bags are of really good quality that's why the price is also higher.

Other than the very obvious logo on the bag, I thought the designs of them look really nice.

I really want to get one of them. But I know I'll never make good use out of it..

So I can strike Cemula bags out of the list~ LOL~

There's still some bags that I'm looking but it's not backpack related. So I shall not post.
If not this post will be way too long~

What are your favorite type of bags??!! Leave them in the comments section down below!!~
I'll love to check them out!!~

Thanks for reading!~

xx, meiyi

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