Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Skinfood Milk Shake Point Makeup Remover

Hi Everyone,

Has it been a little while since I did a skinfood product?

I don't know, Probably not..

I'm here today with another Skinfood Post!!~

PS. Sorry for the lousy lighting again!~ It was taken on the same day):

Product Description,
Two-layered shaking-type point makeup remover with milk extract like milkshake with rich and white foam to smoothly remove makeup on eye and lip areas without stimulus and dryness

It comes in a double layer solution,

and when you shake it up,

It becomes all white.

The product is dispensed from this nozzle.

Initially I thought it would take quite some time to dispense the amount that I need, since many of the makeup removers I've used all have larger nozzle.

But it dispense pretty well.

Here are some swatches I have on my hand.

  1. Maybelline Angel Fit concealer
  2. Mac Springsheen blush
  3. Cover Girl Lash Blast Mascara
  4. Etude House Cafe Mocha Eye shadow
  5. Dollywink Eyeliner

Pour the product onto a cotton pad,

Although it seem like I didn't pour out alot, I actually did. It's enough to cover the entire eye.

I gently wipe the cotton pad across, without letting the cotton pad sit on the makeup.

It easily removed all the not so waterproof makeup.

And I let the cotton pad sit on the makeup for about 5seconds and wipe again.

Now it totally removed all the makeup without much hassle.

PS. I did not tug or rub while removing the makeup.

After removing all the makeup

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

I feel that this is probably one of the more effective eye & lip makeup remover I've used so far.
I have tried some drugstore brands like Maybelline, L'oreal, Silky Girl, etc etc. I feel that this Skinfood one still work better.

I haven't tried any high end eye & lip makeup remover yet, so I can't really compare them.

What I like about this product, This makeup remover is suitable for people with sensitive skin. My sister, who has sensitive, used it and did not experience and breakout.

Just like the swatches/demo above, this makeup remover works really well with removing all the makeup, even the Cover Girl mascara, which my Biore makeup remover needed some time to remove.

No rubbing or tugging is required while removing the makeup.
Sometimes, when the makeup remover doesn't remove the makeup well, we tug and rub and add more pressure on to our skin to try and remove the makeup.

But with this remover, I hardly need to use any strength. All I did was lightly wipe across the delicate eye area after holding the cotton pad in position for a few seconds and all the makeup on the eye is removed.

It does not stink the eyes.
All you'll experience if it gets into your eyes is a blurry vision. After rinsing it with water it will be fine.

It doesn't have a scent to it. Which is a huge plus for me.

For those who are worried, this makeup remover does not clog pores.

Last but not least, This can last for quite some time. I was thinking it would be gone by 3 months, but it's still standing strong!~ Maybe I've been using it for my eyes only.

What I don't like about this product, like almost all the eye & lip makeup remover I've used, it leaves a layer of oil on my skin.
Although it is not as oily as the others, the feeling is still there. And I'll always cleanse my face right after to get rid of that feeling.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would. Although Skinfood is quite expensive in Singapore. I still would. This makeup remover is one of the best, among drugstore makeup removers, I've used so far.

If you live in Korea. You have to get it! I believe it's so much cheaper there!~

And further more, this product last for quite some time.

This retails for SGD$25 at our local Skinfood Stores

What makeup remover do you use??
And what would you recommend?
Leave them in the comments section down below!!(:

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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