Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Shoes for School!

Hi Everyone!~

This post is going to be a little different from my previous posts, It's going to be about SHOES!!~

I always find wearing shoes looks more presentable and well dressed. But I never really like being in them.

Mainly because I have quite a broad feet, some beautiful flats/pumps just look weird on me.
And I feel very restricted being in shoes too.

If someone would make me choose either to wear covered shoes or killer heels(that are open-toe), I'll definitely go for the heels.

I noticed, in Singapore, many of us wear slippers/flip flops when we go to school. But when I watch many OOTD's made by YouTube gurus, I realize I hardly seen any of them wearing slippers.

By slippers I mean...


I thought, maybe I should start wearing shoes, or at least, start looking for a shoe that is comfortable to be in.

It might be due to my broad feet, I feel easily uncomfortable in covered shoes. So when I find something comfortable, I will wear them to death! And probably buy the same pair when it wore out.

Like mentioned earlier, I find that wearing covered shoes make a person look more presentable, I try to wear shoes to school. And lately I have been quite good at it.

It might be because I've found some really comfortable pairs to be in~

I know many people are looking for comfortable and cheap shoes to wear to school,

So I thought, maybe I shall share them!~ Because I really find them very comfortable to be in~

These are mainly the 4 pairs of footwear I wear to school everyday.

I do have relatives and friends that own the same pair, but in different colours, and they really like them too.
So I believe, it should be comfortable for most people~

PS. Yes I have a flip flop there. Because I find them very comfortable!~ More comfortable than Havaianas. So I thought of adding it in too~

Brand: Pretty Fit
Model: XP3-235A
Price: SGD$49.90(?) (can't remember if it is $39.90 or $49.90)

This is the pair of flats that made me start wearing shoes instead of flip flops.
It is really a very comfortable pair of shoes to be in.

You may be able to see, I have worn this pair out!

These shoes actually take a little time to mould to the shape of your foot.

You need take some time to get use to it.

My cousin was the one who introduced them to me. Initially I find them very uncomfortable to wear.
But a week later, when the shoe mould to the shape of your foot, It is very comfortable to be walking around in it.

It has really sturdy soles that will prevent you from slipping. 

Even until now, the sole is a little worn out, I've never fell/ lose my balance on a slippery surface.

But I don't really wear them so often now that they're wearing out!):

Brand: DMK
Model: Not sure
Price : SGD$25.90

I found this pair of shoes while I was shopping.

I was intending to get a new pair of that pretty fit shoes above because it was worn out, but I didn't after trying these on!~

It feels like there's cushion in the shoes when you're walking in it.

Some shoes, have this very hard base, and when you start walking, you feel very uncomfortable in it.
These don't have that feeling at all.

What I really like about this shoes is the rims(?) /sides(?) of the shoes. I don't know how you call that.

It's the part that gives you blisters. LOL!~
 It feels very soft and flexible, I have been wearing them very often and have not experienced any blisters.

You'll feel uncomfortable on the first 2-3 days of wearing it, but after that, it feels really comfortable and the edges of the shoes becomes "softer"(?).

The only down side of these shoes are the insoles(?), the piece of thing in the shoe.

It is glued into the shoe. So it will come off.
I haven't experience it coming off yet, but from my past experiences with this type of shoes, the insoles will come off and make your feet sticky, because of the glue.

I don't know if you will slip and fall in these shoes, I haven't wear them out when it's raining heavily yet.
I'm hoping it won't, since the sole is made of rubber.
But it doesn't have that indentation/ grips or "markings", that make me feel that it'll prevent me from slipping~ LOL!~

So I'm not too sure..

But until now... It hasn't done anything bad~

Brand: iPanema
Model: Not Sure
Price SGD$34.90

I know this is not shoes.

But I really want to include this into this post.

I wear them to school when it is, or going to, rain very heavily or when I'm too late for school to even dress up.

I've seen people around me wearing Havaianas, repurchasing them over and over again.
And I admit I use to be one of them.
But when I finally gave this slippers a try, I started wondering why didn't get them earlier.

I feel that this pair of flip flops are much more comfortable than the Havaianas ones.

The design that I'm wearing is a different from the havaianas ones.

The sides curves up a little, moulding to the shape of your foot.

It feels so much more comfortable and secure, a little like it's hugging your feet.

When I wear the havaianas ones, and it starts to wear out, I had to always be very careful while walking pass puddles of water to prevent from slipping.

When I'm in this flip flops, I didn't have this feeling.
It prevents me from slipping, at least I've never experienced slipping in this pair yet!~

PS. I hope I won't!~

That's pretty much the footwear that I wear to school.

If you're looking for a covered shoe that is comfortable and cheap, I would recommend you to try them out!~ You'll like it!~(:

And if you have any shoes that you find comfortable and would like to recommend, leave them in the comment section below!~ And I'd love to try them out!~

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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