Monday, 26 November 2012

Celebrity Crush Tag

Hi Everyone!~

Recently I saw a few YouTuber doing the Celebrity Crush Tag. It was created by Nikki Phillippi and Fleur De Force on YouTube.

I wanted to do this tag since I saw it on Fleur’s channel and YES!~ I’m gonna do it now!~ Let’s get started!~~~

Celebrity Crush Tag

1) Who was your young celebrity crush?

There’s this local show, a comedy, that has this actor in it. I always thought to myself, “ I’m gonna marry him when I grow up!”HAHAHAH!! I feel so embarrassed saying this, but yeah.. That' was me when I’m young, 5-7 years old.

But up till now, I think out of all the celebrities in Singapore, I still like him best.

Chew Chor Meng, ć‘šćˆæ˜Ž.

2) Celebrity Girl Crush

I thought it was a little weird to think of having a crush on a girl. So I started thinking, if I can be a female celebrity for day and which will it be..

Then her name popped out in my mind.

Olivia Ong.

I like almost everything about her.
I love her voice! The song that she sang is beautiful!~

Other than her voice, I like her features too!~ Her height and her facial features!!~

3) Celebrity Crush over 40

This is a no brainer!

Johnny Depp! 
I knew him from Pirates of the Caribbean.

Started watching every show that has him in it~~

4) Boyband Crush

FT Island!!~
I was thinking… Big bang or FT Island.. Since I have been watching and following alot of big bang news recently.

But if I were choose only one.. Definitely FT Island without any doubt.

Because there’s Hong Ki!!~

5) Teenage Jailbait Crush

I don’t have any!~
I’m going to leave this blank!):

Who are your celebrity crushes??

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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