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Epicare. Facial Hair removal

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I didn't mean to skip the past 2 days! But I was just too tired from school and doing all the revising of school work!~

I shall work things out and see if there's a better solution to manage this blog and my school.

Since I missed 2 posts, I'll be blogging 3 today!!~ 

I don't know if anyone of you have heard of what we're going to talk about today.
I've chanced upon it about 3/4 years back when I was looking for other ways to remove my facial hair.

I'm not going to deny or anything, but I do like this like "mustache" above my lips.
It is not really that noticeable like those that guys have, but you can notice above my lips there's like a grey shade/patch there. Which looks weird.

I hear around that I could do waxing/threading/shaving. But shaving wasn't the best option of course.
I started waxing at the salons initially because the waxing strips for facial hair doesn't seem to work for me.
Waxing at salons ain't cheap.And to think that I am still a student. I didn't want to keep spending $15 every month just to get my upper lips waxed.

I started looking for a alternative online and this is what I've found.

Product Description,
Epicare® is the easiest and fastest way to remove unsightly facial hair leaving your face smooth, silky and feminine anytime and anywhere.
  1. No waxing – May cause facial skin to sag over a period of time 
  2. No shaving – Causes in grown hair and rough hair growth
  3. No bleaching – Can cause chemicals burns
  4. No tweezing – Tedious as hair has to be pulled out individually
  5. No laser – Expensive, time consuming and it is not always effective
Epicare Close Up
Epicare® eliminates facial hair without the excruciating pain or expenses of waxing sessions or laser treatments and does not subject your skin to harsh bleaches and depilatory chemicals that may have long-term side effects.
Epicare Usage
Epicare® is the first and only tool ever designed to remove very fine facial hair from root. The inferior imitation products could hardly get even close to what Epicare® is able to do for you.
  1. Hold the colored handles with your index finger and thumb, bend the Epicare® bar downwards by the handles as shown in the diagram (right) and place against your face where facial hair is to be removed.
  2. Roll the handles inwards and outwards in a continuous motion between your index finger and thumb. You will feel a slight tingling sensation as the hair is removed from the roots.
  3. And it’s done!
Just Bend and Roll, and all your unwanted facial hair will be done in just a few minutes for a smooth and silky look.

It looks like a stick of spring.

And when you roll it on your face, it traps the hair in between the rings.

I tried it on my face to get a photo of it with hair.
But because I don't really have much facial hair, it didn't really showed up on the camera. But yes it does work!

My Thoughts,
From my Experience

I feel that this is a good tool to have around.
But other than having this good tool, what is more important is your endurance level for pain.
This gets more painful and disturbing as you try to pluck the hair out. You will feel like giving up and letting the hair grow instead of plucking it out.

I have this product for about 3 years now, I don't really use it anymore now because I've found other alternatives for remove facial hair.
But I thought there might be someone out there who wants to try this out, but is looking for an opinion.

What I like about this product, This product does effectively removes most, if not all, of your undesired facial hair.

This product can definitely pluck out even the finest hair you can see on your skin, I have really fine hair on my upper lips, that's why waxing strip does not work at all, and this epicare remove them without much hassle.

This is also really easy to clean and store. All I did was to rinse it under running water and dry it thoroughly before storing it into the cabinet. And because it is so thin, it doesn't really take up any space.

What I don't like about this product, I realize I need so much more determination to remove my facial hair with this product. Because it plucks individual strands of hair and how fast it plucks it depends on how fast you twist the epicare.
My reflex was if it gets painful, I'll do it slowly. But it only gets more painful if you do it slower.

So I find that the process of removing the facial hair very torturing. HAHAHA!~

Would I recommend this? Over the years, companies have came out with a cheaper alternative. You don't have to buy the exact same thing I have, because you can get one exactly the same at 1/5 of the price.

I would only recommend this if your tolerance for pain and determination to remove all the hair is very high. I would say I have very high tolerance for pain, higher than an average person's. But I don't really have a strong determination. So I gave up using it after a while.

I don't know if they still sell it in Singapore, But I remember getting it at SGD$10 at a beauty salon.
Alternatively, you can get one from SGlady at a much cheaper price.

What are you favorite ways for remove facial hairs, or any unwanted hair?
Leave them in the comments section down below and I'd love to read them!~

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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