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Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk (hydrating skin) - Part 2

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I know I've missed Thursday's post!~ I'm so sorry!!~

I had night lesson last night and by the time I reached home, I couldn't think of anything but to lie in my bed!~

But nonetheless, I'm here with 2 posts.

Remember my previous post was on the Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Lotion (hydrating skin) - Part 1?

So now, I'm back with part 2 of the post.

Hada Labo Arbutin Whitening Milk.

We are suppose to use this whitening milk after using the whitening lotion for extra moisture and to preserve the moisture.

Product Description,3 benefits of Shirojyun Whitening

  1. Deep Moisturizing
  2. Intensive Repair
  3. Double Whitening
Arbutin is an extract from natural plant bearberry, with natural whitening properties.

  • Contains Arbutin to fight dark spots & re-balance skin tone for visibly fair & radiant skin
  • Enhanced with Vitamin C for a more uniform skin tone & reawakens the appearance of dull skin caused by UV rays
  • Preserves skin's natural moisture. Smoothes & clarifies to optimize skin's translucency. Skin pH balanced. Low irritation
  • Fragrance free

I guess because the consistency of this milk is more of a lotion form, it has a wider nozzle for the product to flow out easily.

This product comes out white and it is thicker than the whitening.
PS. The whitening lotion has the consistency of a water.

Just like the whitening lotion, you rub your palms together and pat the product on your face.

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

On the hold, I really like this Hada Labo line. I'm thinking of trying out the other ranges they have when I finish this 2 bottles.

What I like about this product, Although they didn't state, I feel that this product actually gives me extra moisture. I guess I can stop mentioning that I have pretty dry cheeks. This product really made my cheeks feel smoother, softer and more moisturize.
I've tried applying just the lotion and not the milk.
I find that just by applying the lotion on, my skin still feel a little dry.
But with the whitening milk after the lotion, it actually feels much better.
The tight sensation that we will experience when our skin is too dry is gone!~
This product basically did what the whitening lotion manage to do.

What I don't like about this product, This is why I wanted to do a different post.
Because for the whitening lotion, I didn't have any complains about it other than my own laziness.

But for this product, I find that it is too oily/sticky to use during the day.
My T-zone will tend to shine very easily!~
I don't know if it was only me, because I've never seen anyone complaining about this.
And the shine on my face actually makes me a little self conscious.
Although this product moisturize and locks the moisture of my skin well, I'll try to avoid using this in the day and only use it in the night!

Would I recommend this? Yes I would!~ Similar to the Whitening lotion, I feel that this product is totally worth investing in if you're looking for something to lighten dark spots, brightens dull complexion and moisturize skin. Unless you have any allergies to this product, this is definitely a great buy!

This retails for SGD$22.90 at our local Watsons, Guardian and SASA stores.

I've been really loving this 2 products.
PS. for those who didn't know, Hada Labo products is sold every 2secs!~

It did completely live up to it's raves and hype!~

Thanks for reading!~

See you in the next post!~

xx, meiyi 

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