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Lush American Cream Hair Conditioner

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And it got a little late and I had to start doing my school work..Sooo... I missed yesterday's post..

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Some time back, I did a Lush haul. Click here if you've missed it.

And out of the 3 products, I've shared my thoughts on one of them, Click here if you've missed it too.

And today, I'm back to share my thoughts on another product from that purchase

I don't know if I've mentioned,

Product Description
(from the lush website)
American Cream is our dreamy, medium-strength for soft, shiny and bouncy locks. Softening honey, scalp clarifying lavender and fresh oranges make a conditioner suitable for all hair types to soften rough ends and keep hair calm. Not to mention the absolutely delectable strawberry vanilla cream scent. Mark was inspired by a vision of 1950s US milk bars, where teenagers would meet and drink frothy, creamy milkshakes. He concocted our best-selling conditioner to soften and control, all while evoking memories. No wonder it remains such a customer favorite year after year.

- Smells like teen spirit: suitable for all hair types  just about anyone can enjoy soft hair scented with gorgeous strawberries and vanilla
- Double your pleasure: Our medium-strength conditioner leaves your hair calmed, softer and transformed
- Fresh is best: Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and have cleansing properties.

Just like what it mentioned, the Strawberry Vanilla fragrance lasts in the hair for hours.
I was expecting for about 2-3 hours.. But it did way better than that!!~

I wouldn't say this is a thick heavy conditioner.. I would say it's medium- strength just like it's product description on their website.
But I feel that the more you add onto your hair, while conditioning, the better it works for you hair.

I got the smallest bottle (100g) to try out. And thus explains the cap.

If you get the bigger bottle, I believe the cap is different.
But you still need the tilt the bottles upside down and squeeze the product out.

It comes in a white cream form.
It reminded me of condensed milk but a more runny version.

I expected it to be really thick, probably due to the strong scent.
But it turns out to be more runny than I expected it to be.

It feels like partial melt ice cream. If that even make any sense.

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

The reason why I've been taking such a long time to review this product because I was trying this out with different shampoo to see what effects it gave.

By far, I really like to use this conditioner with my Seanik Solid Shampoo.

The Seanik shampoo cleanse my hair very well. My hair felt soft and bouncy but tangle-y.
But I felt that it lacked some moisture and shine.
Which this conditioner did a perfect job!~

What I like about this product, This product conditions my hair well, leaving a soft, shiny, bouncy look.

More importantly, it keeps my hair tangle-free all day long!!~

I also really like the scent of this conditioner. It made my friends think that I had perfume on, but in actual fact, it is the scent of the conditioner.
And also, some of you may know, I have this problem with scents, but I didn't really have a problem with this. In fact I really enjoy having this scent around me.. I was also planning to get the same scent but in air freshener / candle form.

I mentioned in one of the post that I don't wash my hair everyday, I like that this scent stay on, not only for the day when I wash my hair, it also stays on the next day..
So this scent, instead of staying on for hours, it lingers around for 2 whole days!!~

The good thing is... This scent makes your hair smell nice and clean.. So even if you have it on for 2 days, it doesn't make you smell bad!!~

What I don't like about this product, I wished the consistency of the product is thicker.
I don't really mind the runny consistency.. But I was hoping that I didn't have to apply so much conditioner on my hair to get the results I wanted.

Would I recommend this? Yes I would, but only to pamper yourself once in a while.
I think this conditioner is a little too expensive to use everyday.. It would be good to use it once a week. To pamper your hair and smell nice!~

Different sizes are of different price. 

The one I have with me is 100g (smallest) and 

It retails for SGD$16 at our local Lush Store.

Have you tried the American Cream Conditioner? What are you thoughts?
What Lush products have you tried and would like to recommend?
Leave them in the comments section down below and I'd love to read them!!~

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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