Sunday, 21 October 2012

Silk Bath Ultra Nourish Shower Gel

Hi everyone!

I thought since I'm doing posts on skincare, I thought this product deserves some credit since I have been loving it!~

I know it's not a beauty product, but it's somewhat closely related to skincare!~ Just that it is not for the face but body!~

Product Description,

Mine is in a travel size, therefore it doesn't come with a pump.
But if you purchase the full sized ones, it will come in a pump!~

Like this!~

It is a translucent champagne-y colour with a little shimmers in it.
The shimmers don't stay on your body, it will disappear as soon as it starts to latter on your skin!~

I wouldn't say it has a runny consistency, it is just like the consistency of a liquid soap.

My Thoughts,
From my experience.

To be very honest with you, I didn't spend a single cent on this shower gel.
This was actually from a promotion pack together with the Silkpro shampoo.
My mum always buys the Silkpro shampoo, therefore we have a few bottles of this shower gels lying around in our house.

I've read some reviews on this series, there are 3 types of shower gels, but it seems that the one that I got has the best ratings!!~

I have yet to try the other 2, so I can only share my opinions only on this!~

What I like about this product, it gives me soft and smooth skin after showering!!~ Some shower gel leaves your skin smooth, but at the same time, you can feel that it is dehydrated, a little powdery feeling. But for this, I didn't felt that way. I actually feel that it didn't remove any moisture from my skin and make it "dry".

I'm not too sure about the moisturizing part, since I have been moisturizing my skin every night with a lotion, I didn't really notice anything.

This shower gels latter up very well!!~ It is one of the more foamy shower gel I've used.

I like to use one of this to latter the shower gel a little more.
I feel that with this, it gives better results of softer and smoother skin.

I also really like the scent of it.
I'm not gonna deny, sometimes I get really sick of the scent, but on the whole, I do really like it!~
It has a very strong sweet scent. I would say, it's more towards the fruity scent than flowery scent.
It gives a nice refreshing feeling after showering, and the scent stay on for quite sometime, so you might want to choose a perfume to pair with it!~

It doesn't not break me out!~ I know this sounds weird!~ But I've tried shower gels that will cause me to have body acne!!):

What I don't like about this product, It has to be the scent too!~ I have a love-hate relationship with the scent.
Like mentioned, I really like how this smells, but sometimes I get really sick of it.
Mainly because the scent is too strong for me to smell every single day.

I'm not sure if it was because mine was a freebie or all packaging are like this, I feel that I have to be a little cautious while opening the cap, because it feels like it's going to break anytime!~
I was hoping that the cap is more firm though!~

Would I recommend this? Yes I would!~ I really like the feeling after bath!~ It relaxes me after a long day~

I'm not too sure how much it is, I'm hoping it is not expensive, because I'm thinking of purchasing the full size when all my travel sizes run out!!~

Have anyone of you tried this product? or any of the shower gels from this range??
Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!!~ I'll love to read them and try them out!!(:

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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