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TRESemme Salon Silk Conditioner

Hi everyone,

I thought my NO. 1 question I'll get from my friends will be on skincare, but it doesn't seem so.

Almost all my female friends have asked me this same question, which makes it up to No. 1, over and over again.

And it is how I manage to keep my hair so Smooth, Tangle-free and Frizz-free.

PS. for those who don't know, I dye my hair once every 2 months to maintain it's colour and to touch up on the roots.
Although it is just maybe few shades lighter than my original deep black hair, there is still a good amount of damage done to it.

I still remember back when I just started growing my hair out, I was so frustrated with the tangles and frizz on my hair I'd just tie it up into a bun the whole time.

Once I got really fed up with it and decided to cut more than half the length away.

To this length, (2008)

To be honest, I hated my hair even more when it was shorter.
I couldn't tie it up when the weather is warm,
I can't really do fanciful hair styles with it too.

So I make a point to pay more attention to it when I've decided to let it grow again

What I do to my hair whenever I wash it,
1) Shampoo, which is pretty obvious
2) Conditioner, One which will moisturize your hair and make it smooth
3) Leave-in Hair product, to add/lock moisture in your hair

I've done post on Leave-in products that I enjoy using, click Here and Here

I am someone who switch out hair products every single time I finish using them, mainly because right at the last few weeks of using them, they don't seem to work on my hair anymore.

But today, I have a conditioner that I have been using for close to a year and it still works well on me.

This product states to detangle, smoothes & tames for soft, shiny & manageable results.
It also contains Vitamin H & Almond.

Vitamin H, also known as biotin, is an essential vitamin. Biotin is part of the B-vitamin family. B-vitamins are needed for energy and stress relief among many other things. Vitamin H provides nourishment needed for healthy skin, hair and nails. Biotin has been used to treat cradle cap. Cradle cap is a dry patch of skin on an infants head. In addition, vitamin H also aids the body in metabolizing fats, proteins, and carbohydrates, which are all needed for energy. There are actually many sources of vitamin H.

Almond oil is an essential part of many hair care treatments given to those with damaged hair. The oil is laden with numerous nutrients which are considered essential for the proper conditioning of the hair follicles. Therefore, the daily massage of the hair with this beneficial oil tames the frizz, nourishes the hair and smoothes the uncontrollable cuticles. Further, the daily usage of this natural oil for hair makes the hair longer, stronger and shinier. According to experts, the oil especially counters the problem of hair thinning and makes them thick. The oil further works as a natural solution to the problem of hair fall.

PS. Note that this conditioner is 900ml

Product Description,
Professional performance formula dramatically improves hair's condition. Transform frizz prone hair to silky soft and instantly smooth. Fortified with Vitamin H and Almond, it replenishes moisture, detangles and protects against split ends. Smoothes and softens for manageability and healthy looking shine.

I thought it is a waste if I pump out the product for this post, because I'll be washing them away after that.
So I pull up the cap of the smaller container which I have my conditioner in to show it's consistency.

It is in a thick paste-y consistency. It is not runny at all, so even if you tilt your hands, the conditioner will not slide.
I would say, the consistency of this conditioner is more like a many hair mask I've tried rather than the usual conditioner I've seen.

Most conditioner I've tried are more on a runny texture, where as for this, it feels more "solid"(?).

I'll pump 2 pumps for conditioner for my hair.
PS. I have alot of hair and it is quite long.
So you might use even lesser.

My Thoughts,
From my experience

Like what I've mentioned above, I've used this conditioner close to a year now, and I'm onto my 2nd bottle of it.
I hardly, or almost never, repurchase the same conditioner when I finish using them.
Like mentioned above too, because it doesn't work on my hair anymore.

But this product seems to work differently.

What I like about this product, It does what it claims, detangles, smoothes and tames hair.
On days when I forgot to apply my leave-in hair products, I'm always afraid that my hair will start tangling into a mess.
But after using this product, there is still a little tangling going around, but you will notice that it is not so bad anymore.
It is more on the mild side of tangling.

I also noticed that after using this product, I have lesser frizz in my hair. My hair seems flatter, notice lesser flyaways, and a healthy shine, as if you've applied some product to make your hair healthier.

Since most of the tangles, frizz and flyaway are more tamed after using this product, my hair is definitely more manageable than before.

What I don't like about this product, I realise the tube/straw that is pumping the product out from the bottle is not long enough. When you reached the bottom of the product, you can see that you actually can use it more 3-4 more times, but instead you can't pump anything out.

Would I recommend it? Yes I definitely would. I don't know if anyone will have any allergies to it because everything seem to be chemicals and not really natural oils, but so far, I've not seen any bad reaction on me.
Many people will be put off by the size of the bottle, 900ml, and may be afraid that it wouldn't work on your hair. But don't worry, it is a product that does it's job well!(:

This retails for SGD$14 at our local Guardian stores.

PS. It is 900ml and not 500ml, so it is quite a reasonable price.

FYI, there is more than this conditioner in this line,
the Salon Silk is more on the deep conditioning side. So if you don't need that, there are different series available too,

I'm almost running out of leave-in hair serum now~
If you have any recommendation, leave them in the comments section below and I'll love to try them out!(:
Don't forget to share your thoughts on this product if you've tried it too!~

Thanks for reading!~

*Ohhh~ I'm Chilling~*

xx, meiyi

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