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Tea Tree Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser by The Body Shop

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When I was in Secondary school, about 15 years old, I had small little bumps all over my face. It isn't acne or pimple. I think it's more like clogged pores.

I didn't know about skincare or anything got to do with face then, I didn't even know what skin type I was..

So I asked my sister, who was 3 years older than me, what should I do about it.
Because she have been dealing with acne problem since younger, around the age 13, I asked her for help.

She passed me this cleanser that she have been using to try it out and told me she wasn't sure if it will help, and so I just use it.

This product removes impurities and excess oil, for clearer looking skin.

Product Description,
A refreshing instant foaming cleanser to gently but effectively cleanse the skin, removing makeup, dirt and impurities. Regular use helps keep skin blemish free, refreshed and calm.

It also states,

Breakouts are minimized with regular use.

And it contains menthol, tamanu oil, lemon tea tree and organic tea tree oil.

Like what it mentioned, it is a instant foaming cleanser.
All instant foaming cleansers comes in a pump like this.
With really huge nozzle for the foam to come out easily.

Just pump the pump, and you get instant foam on your palm.

work it into your skin.

you might want to keep cleansing your face in circular motion.
The foam disappears after a while if you leave it untouched

If you add water onto the skin again, it will start foaming up again. But just a thin foam.

My Thoughts,
From my experience

I didn't know what is blemished skin, acne prone skin, or flaky skin then.
All I know was oily skin and dry skin.

So I just used this cleanser, since it does help it clearing out my clogged pores, which then I thought it was breakout!~

It did cleared all the clogged pores and leave me with a smooth skin, and I've been using it for 2-3 years before I changed to something else.

I changed out this cleanser in the end because it didn't work on my skin anymore and I started having really bad breakouts.

What I like about this product, It does reduce the breakouts on your under regular use.
From what I remembered, I hardly had any pimple or acne popping on my face when I was using this product.

It has menthol in the product, and when I wash my face every morning, it instantly gives me a perk!
When I was in Secondary school, I had to wake up at 5.30am in the morning everyday for school., and I only sleep at 12-1am every night.

I'm always very tired in the morning, but with the minty effect from this cleanser, it makes me more awake after shower.

This cleanser cleared up my clogged pores within I would say 2months(?) I wouldn't say it is a long period of time. Because all I did was to cleanse my face. And I have all these small bumps all over my face.

So I believe this product actually removes dirt and impurities from your skin to give a clearer looking skin.

What I don't like about this product, if you're someone who is overly concerned over scent like me, you might not like the scent of this cleanser.

I don't really like the scent of this cleanser, but it is nonetheless bearable, otherwise I wouldn't have used it for such a long period of time. I don't really know how to describe this scent other than telling you it smells like tea tree oil, which is very redundant.

Although on the packaging, it is stated that it wouldn't over dry your skin, but I felt that my cheeks are tight after cleansing and had to apply some sort of moisturizer to ease the feeling.
I didn't know initially, so I just left it as it is. And the feeling only went away about 2 hours after cleansing.

And also. if you don't have oily / combination skin, you might want to use it not more than 2 times a day.
I've tried over using it, and my skin started to tear a little because it was too dry.

Would I recommend it? Yes I would! I think it is a great product for people who was clear looking skin and is dealing with acne problem.
For those who don't know, Tea Tree Oil actually helps in healing and treating acne.

This retails for SGD$20.90 at our local The Body Shop Stores.

Has anyone tried their cleansers? or anything in these series?
Share your thoughts in the comments section down below!~
I'd love to read them!!

Ozzy chilling while I was taking photos for this post!~

Thanks for reading!!~

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