Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Get to know me?!!... Maybe??

Hi everyone,

 This post gets cheesier as you read!~ you have been warned!~

I've probably never really talk about myself on this blog. It more beauty related that I wanted it to be~

After this post, I guess I have to try updating my About Me section of this blog.

I'm not someone who will open up to people easily, I'm pretty much that person who wants her privacy.
So that's probably why I don't really talk about myself / my life on this blog.

You probably wouldn't have guess it, but I used to be a Engineering student. I graduated with a Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering specializing in Wafer Fabrication.

As many of you would know, there aren't many girls in Engineering courses, so for my 3 years in Poly, I pretty much mixed with guys.

I met up with my close friend from poly recently and got me thinking about the days where we used to study together in school. "AHHH~~ those were the days~"

Let's see some photos now!~
PS. I filtered out photos of my friends for their privacy sake.

This was my very first birthday I spent in school.
Because my birthday was always on a school holiday, I don't get to celebrate it in school with my friends.
My friends actually make a point to surprise me with a cake, which I wasn't really expecting~
Although it wasn't showed on my face, but I am really happy ~
I'm pretty bad at expressing my feelings, so let's just keep it at happy.

This was in the canteen when my friends and I were studying for our very first exam.
I don't know when this was taken, but I am not sleeping, I'm reading my notes!~

we do really stupid things during lectures, and this is one of those where I took my friend's hat and decided that we should cam-whore with it.
PS. look at the girl at the side, I'm pretty sure she's a little pissed with us~

These was taken in one of our labs where we were suppose to be doing lab work or some assignment, I think we had some free time and decided to fool around again~

And one fine day, I went a little off and decided to chop off my hair!~
Look how short it is!~~
I will NEVER cut my hair this short!~
I honestly hate it!~

PS. Ozzy was still a puppy then! How adorable!!~

This was taken in the library, yeap, we are studying for our exams again!~
Look at how short the hair is!!~

If I didn't remember wrongly, I think this is the year where we were suppose to choose our specialization and this is the last year all of us will be together.

I mentioned above, I specialize in Wafer Fabrication, and that explains the full suit lab coat.
It feels like space wear!~ AHAHAHHA!

Look at that striking orange nails I had on my fingers!~
I remembered my communications teacher was reminding me not to go for an interview with such nails!~ HAHAH!

A random shot taken by a friend.
I don't know who did that, because when I saw this, I was already at home!~
This is pretty much how my hair looks like when it is long.
I always had it bun up, because of all the tangling, fly aways and also because of the lab rules we had to follow.

This is by far the most epic one!~
I have to tie my hair up very often.
Because we are dealing with machines, so we have to tie our hair up to prevent any accidents.
I am someone who always forgets to bring a hair tie along with me...
So after 3 years... I mastered the technique of tying my hair with a pen!!~
Pretty cool huh!!

This is part of my class for the first 2 years in poly!~
AHHHH!~~ brings back memories
And as you can see.. I'm the only girl in the photo-.-

I'm pretty sure my friends in poly don't know how thankful I am to have them in my life. *ohh so cheesy*
Surviving 3 years everyday without a female friend is probably the toughest challenge I've met in school.
But what made things much easier, for me, is the friends that supported me throughout these 3 years, especially the ones that stayed on in the same class as me until the very day we graduated.

I feel really blessed I have my friends that I can confide to.
They might not be the best at comforting or encouraging people.
But they are indeed the ones that stayed with me throughout those time I needed their support~

We have graduated for 3 years! That is how fast time flies.
And now I'm in my graduating year in uni.
Although we're all doing different things in our life, but I'm really glad that we still keep in contact from time to time.

This post is so cheesy my hair are all standing!!~

I am very thankful to every single one of my friends, be it from poly or anywhere else.
Typing everything out would only make this post cheesier.

So in short, thank you for being there when I need a listening ear.
Thank you for genuinely feeling happy when something good happens.
Thank you for the support & encouragement I received time to time.
Thank you for accepting my weird character, yes I have a very weird personality.
Thank you for many many more...

Just by saying thank you over and over again can't express how thankful I really am... but they'll get it!(:

Last but not least!~

Thank YOU(!) for your support on my little space in this virtual world!
It really makes my day to know that people are reading my blog~
It gets me really excited when I see people leaving comments in the comment section below posts ( although there aren't many at the moment)

But I'm still really thankful and happy about it!~(:

This is really a cheesy post!~ I'm sorry if I made your hair stand!~

But again~~

Thanks for reading guys!!~~

xx, meiyi

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