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Microperfecting Primer HD (green) by Makeup Forever

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You might have noticed I didn't post anything for the past 2 days.
Why Why Why??!!!

I was too tired on Friday!~ I wanted to come home earlier, but my friend and I missed our stop to the train station, at Holland V, and had to walk through the entire botanic gardens to the next train station.):

By the time I reached home, it was almost 10pm!):
I thought I should relax a little by watching The Vampire Diaries Season 4!~~ But who knew I dozed off after that!~

And I wasn't around the whole day yesterday to make up for the missing posts!~

But don't worry!!~ I'm here with 3 post today!!~ Friday Saturday and today, Sunday!~

Have to wake up very early tomorrow morning!~
So let's get started!~~

I don't know how common this is but when I was having bad breakouts, my main concern, I realised, is always not the breakouts on my skin, but the redness on my skin.

And for those who don't know, to "neutralize" red, you should use green. That's what I learnt after watching hundreds and hundreds YouTube videos.

I've tried a few ways, but this is by far, my favorite!~

Product Description,
The Make Up For Ever HD Complexion Products use innovative formulas to create a new generation of make up which is both invisible on HD cameras and the naked eye.
In the same manner as a skin care product, the HD primer nourishes, moisturizes and softens the skin, creating a glowing effect.
It creates a protective layer on the skin allowing the foundation to glide on easily and to last loner.
Unlike standard skin care creams, the HD Primer dries quickly, allowing make up to be applied immediately.
The HD Primer comes in 6 color-correcting shades and one transparent shade to correct skin imperfections
The colored pigments are absorbed by the skin for an invisible correction

This product comes with a pump, so you just pump out your desired amount.

This pumps is very easy to control. It is not something too loose or too tight, just nice for people who don't really have much strength, especially in the morning.

This is about half a pump, I usually pump about one full pump for my entire face.

Although it looks opaque, but don't worry, it goes onto your skin translucent.

See after blending, it disappears.

I don't have redness on my hands, so I can't really show how well it covers it.

But I noticed, you can see a significant difference when you apply your foundation on.
Normally when I just apply this primer, I wouldn't notice that my redness is being neutralized until I apply my foundation.

My Thoughts,
From my experience

I don't use this product so often now, I usually use it when I need a flawless finish for a special occasion.

I used to use this product every single day, but since my breakout was completely gone and I don't have much redness and acne scaring going on my my skin now, I use a transparent primer instead of this, because I thought it would be a waste, and a little redundant, since I don't have any redness I need to cover up!~

What I like about this product, Like what it mentioned, HD. It gives a HD finish, I notice a huge difference with and without this primer on. My skin looks smoother, in real life or on camera.

It does also moisturize my skin a little. I didn't notice this until I switched this primer out.
I use to be really lazy and not apply moisturizer in the morning. When I have this primer on, everything seems fine, I don't see any fine lines showing up or anything. But once I changed to something else, I realize my skin was drier, and the makeup application wasn't as easy as it use to be.

Like what I mentioned above, this does helps with covering up, neutralizing, redness on your face. You probably can't tell the difference. I couldn't too until I apply my makeup with and without this primer.

It dries very quickly, so I don't have to wait for the product to set onto my skin, I can immediately apply my foundation right after applying the primer. Now that I'm not using this as often now, I have to let my primer set onto my skin a little while.

This was something I noticed, I realized there's a light fragrance to this product. It is almost not noticeable, but because I am very particular about scents from the product I use on my skin, I could smell it.
I can't put my finger on what scent it smells like, but it is quite refreshing!~ and I really like it!~

I didn't mention about the staying power, partially because makeup don't really smudge when I have a good primer one, let alone the staying power.
I've tried wearing this makeup for 16 hours, and it stayed on just like I just had it on, just a little shine on my T-zone.

What I don't like about this product, the only complain I have with this product is when I have it on, and when I start perspiring, only the first time after applying it though. Instead of like normal sweat, it like milky white. It is very obvious, but after that, whenever I sweat throughout the day, it's alright. I can't see any milky droplets anymore.

Would I recommend this product? Yes I would, if you're looking for something to neutralize your redness on your face. This is the best way I found for people that are as lazy as me to do so many steps.

This retails for SGD$65 at our local Sephora stores

Have your tried this range of HD primers?
What are your thoughts on them??
Share them in the comments section down below!~

Stay tune for the next post coming up!!~~ 


Thanks for reading!~

xx, meiyi

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