Sunday, 28 October 2012

My Strange Addiction(?)

Hi Everyone!~

Instead of having another beauty/makeup review up today, I thought I should share some videos that I've been watching recently.

Few months back, my sister was telling me there was this guy that eats maple syrup with every thing for every meal. And I was telling my friend about this, and she told me that there was this show called "My Strange Addiction".

"My Strange Addiction" is a TLC documentary about people with unusual compulsive behaviors. Out of curiosity I went to search on YouTube watch them. And I kind of got hooked watching them.

Here are some of the videos, if you're wondering what it is about.

I find myself really weird whenever I end up at this side of YouTube. I usually will go on YouTube to watch beauty videos or music videos.
But recently I have been watching these. It's a good thing that they don't really have many episodes of these. Otherwise I would really be addicted to it. And I would really find myself really weird.

I'm just wondering.. Anyone of you who is reading my blog ever watched these videos?
What do you think about them? 

I don't know, but I thought this kind of videos are quite interesting. Maybe it's something fresh to me, since it's not something I see everyday.

I find these videos, actually, quite educational. They actually shares some scientific knowledge in it too. Because the people featured in the show actually will seek professional advises, like therapist and doctors, they actually tell them what are the effects/harms it will cause to them, and also ways for them to "cure" themselves. I thought this is really interesting to know/watch.

Every time after watching, other than finding myself weirder, I also feel that I've learnt something new, or sometimes it refreshes my knowledge of something I've learnt in school.

I remember there's one episode on makeup.
And it left a very deep impression in my mind.

Not that I don't remove my makeup everyday. But after watching that video, I pay much more attention while removing my makeup, especially when I'm very tired.

When I get really tired, I still remove my makeup, but it's more of like an " ok quickly get it over and done with" thing. It gets really sloppy. But after watching that video, I make sure, even if I am very very tired, I would properly remove my makeup. This sounds really weird to say that, because it is something that we're suppose to do. But when people gets lazy all these come laziness and sloppiness comes with it too.

I think this show is  good for people to self reflect. Maybe it's only for me HAHAHA!~ But instead of looking it at a weird perspective, I kind of find this rather educational.~

Hope after reading this post, you won't find me a weirdo!!~ HAHA!!~

Thanks for reading!!~

xx, meiyi

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